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The Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Here in the Greenville area, we average about four inches of rain each month. All of that precipitation eventually takes a toll on your gutters. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of ignoring our gutters until it’s too late. That’s a combination that will most likely lead to disaster. 

To prevent damage to your home, the best thing you can do is keep your gutters clean. Continue reading to learn why it’s important to never skip this outdoor chore. 

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It Protects Your Roof

When your gutters are clean, they move rainwater away from your home through the downspouts. Since clogged gutters can’t do their job properly, the water stays trapped in the gutters when it rains. This leaves too much water on your roof which can cause it to degrade. 

Eventually, that water can seep through the outer surface of your roof. This can lead to rot, degradation, and interior leaks. At that point, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to replace your roof

It Prevents Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation

Along those same lines, water that can’t work its way through your gutters eventually makes its way to the ground. With so much water soaking into the ground, your foundation is vulnerable to damage. 

Excess water in the ground leads the soil to expand. Once it dries, it then contracts. Too much expansion and contraction takes a toll on your foundation and can eventually lead to cracks and structural damage. 

It Protects Your Siding

Another issue with clogged gutters is that too much water sits in them during and after a storm. This can cause your gutters to sag from the extra weight. This puts your home’s exterior at risk of mold and mildew growth from water exposure. 

If left unattended, your siding will start to degrade and you’ll need to think about replacing it completely.

It Keeps Pests Away From Your Home

Gutters clogged with leaves, debris, and standing water are an ideal environment for pests. Without regular cleaning, your gutters will soon become home to creatures like birds, squirrels, and insects like the dreaded Palmetto Bug.. 

While you might not care about pests outside, your gutters give them easy access to your attic. If you’re not careful, it’s only a matter of time before you find these critters inside your home. 

How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

As you can see, keeping your gutters clean is a necessity, not an option. But, few of us have the time to devote to yet another household chore. Good news! Our team proudly offers superior gutter protection by Bulldog Gutter Guard. 

Once you get your gutters clean, this protection system helps them stay that way by keeping leaves and other debris out. And, it requires no extra work on your part. This allows water to flow away from your home even during the worst storms. 

Protect Your Home

Whether you need new gutters on your home or you want to install a gutter protection system, the C&W Roofing, Siding & Window team is your local exterior remodeling expert. 
We’ll come out to your home, inspect your gutters and exterior for damage, and help you decide the best path for moving forward. Request a free estimate on your project today and take the first step towards protecting your home.