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Metal or Shingle Roof? 5 Factors to Help You Decide

You love your house and everything that it contains, and you learned a long time ago that a quality roof is the only way to protect your home and family from serious harm. Now that you are ready for a full roof replacement, you find yourself facing the difficult decision of whether you prefer metal or asphalt shingles to adorn the top of your house.

While it’s always best to work with your roofing professional to make a final decision, considering these factors will help point you in the right direction.

Determine Your Need for LongevityMetal roofs are available in a variety of materials, but overall you can expect them to last approximately 20 to 50 years with good care. Asphalt roofs typically last fewer than 20 years, but they are easier to replace since layers can be added as needed rather than doing a complete tear-off.

Although the longevity of a metal roof can seem like a good thing, you might prefer to go with an asphalt shingle material if you plan to remodel within the next few decades since metal can be hard to match later on.

Consider Your Preferences for Color

It is important to make sure that your roof complements the other houses in your neighborhood while also adding to the curb appeal. Asphalt shingles offer more colors than metal materials, but keep in mind that your metal roof can also be painted.

If you live in a covenant-protected neighborhood, then check with the rules first to make sure that your desired roof is in compliance. Then, talk to your roofing pro about your options regarding the best color and material that will match your home.

Think About Noise Levels

For some people, the sound of the rain is comforting and can even lull them to sleep. For others, it is an annoying distraction that can make it impossible to work from home.

The metal materials used today tend to be quieter than those in the past, but you will still notice more noise on days with inclement weather than you would with an asphalt shingle roof. If you do still prefer metal, there are things that can be done to dampen the noise such as placing insulating materials between the rest of your home and the roof.

Remember Your Budget

The choice between roofing materials frequently comes down to cost, and knowing your long-term goals will help you make financial decisions easier. Metal roofs have become more affordable, but they are still usually more expensive than asphalt shingle roofs. However, the durability offered by metal may help you save more down the road if you live in an area with severe weather such as high winds or hailstorms that tend to break asphalt shingles down faster.

Understand Metal Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your roof is the best way to ensure that your home is protected. Naturally, it is important to keep both types of materials free from debris, but you should also be aware that walking on your new metal roof might not be recommended.

It is also easier to replace single asphalt tiles as needed, yet a metal roof typically only needs a coat of paint every 30 years. Spend some time thinking about the level of maintenance that you are willing to commit to before finalizing your decision on a roofing material.

Keeping a roof over your family’s head takes on new meaning once you are exploring your options for materials. As you prepare for your remodel, remember that we are always here to give you our expert opinion, so contact us today.