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How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof in the Greenville, SC Area

Here in Greenville, SC, we get more than 5 inches of snow per year, on average. While most of us think about how icy and snowy conditions will affect the roads around us, this winter weather also poses a threat above us. Even a few inches of snow and ice per year can take quite a toll on your roof. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different ways that snow and ice can negatively impact your roof. 

Ice Dams

As ice and snow begin to melt, you might think it’s a good thing. However, this melted snow often runs down the side of your roof and then refreezes near your gutters. This is known as an ice dam, and it forms a dangerous barrier around the edge of your roof. 

Ice dams prevent the rest of the snow and ice on your roof from melting and falling off, keeping excess water on your roof. This can damage the flashing on your roof, and even cause sections of your gutters to disconnect, leaving your home vulnerable to damage. 

Freeze and Thaw Cycle

When snow and ice sit on your roof, they can eventually cause small cracks and gaps to form without you realizing it. When the sun comes out and it thaws, the snow and ice will melt and the water will make its way into those cracks.

Then, when the temperature drops again overnight, the water will expand, widening the cracks in your roof. This can lead to damaged shingles and dangerous leaks. 


Snow and ice are heavier than you think! That added weight can often be too much for your roof to handle, putting excess stress on your roofing materials. Over time, your roof might start to sag or cave in, causing snow and ice to build up even more. 

In the best cases, this will lead to leaks, but in the worst cases, parts of your roof could collapse from the weight. In that case, you’d need to install a new roof


You likely think your roof is most susceptible to leaks during a rainstorm, but snow and ice can also lead to leaks. Snow sitting on your roof will make its way under your shingles. Then, when it melts, it forms leaks, which can make their way through your insulation and onto your walls and ceilings. 

If left alone, this water damage can impact your home’s structural integrity and lead to dangerous mold growth. 

Your Local Roof Experts

The next time a winter storm rolls through Greenville, SC, pay special attention to your roof. If you notice any signs of damage like leaks, missing shingles, or ice dam formations, contact the C&W Roofing, Siding & Window team for all your roof repair needs. As the area’s leading roofing company, we’re here to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Worried about how your roof will hold up this winter? Schedule a free consultation with our team today so you’re prepared before the next storm.